Repair Services

Our Certified Technicians will repair and/or restore your equipment back to proper working condition.  All work has our personal assurance to be free from defect due to workmanship.  Whether your device has software issues, hardware damage, or just plain not working, our Certified Technicians will properly service your system by repairing or replacing the defective devices with the most up to date replacements.  Our goal is to get your computer back up and running for you in as short a time frame as possible.  Unlike some repair companies, we will not send your computer into a regional repair shop and wait for it to get back… our service is done onsite or in our own shop and made available to you as soon as possible.

IT Solutions

LCI IT Solutions, providing quality service, training, and products for computers and networks.


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About Us

Logical Choice, Inc. is a small computer repair and services, and security and surveillance firm located at 852 Indianapolis Road in Greencastle, IN. It was founded on August 21st 1990, also in Greencastle, by Michael Rogers, a Greencastle born native. Michael originally founded LCI for the purpose of contracting out his programming and software consulting services. At that time, his specialty was working with the IDMS database, ADSO online programming, and COBOL batch programming. Of course, as time passed and technology advanced, his specialty today is with providing services for the SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) ERP (Enterprise Resource Programming) systems of software products, possessing certification in ABAP, SAP's proprietary programming language.

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